Shipping & Returns

When your order status is updated to "Shipped" this means your order has been completed and we have weighed it, printed the label, and moved it to shipping. Depending on volume it could take a few days to actually make it out the door and on it's way to you.
A standard shipping fee is added to your order when you check out. For small orders this usually covers the shipping costs. Larger orders for bodies, necks, custom builds, or international orders will incur additional shipping charges which we will apply and send an invoice to the email provided on your order. To eliminate delays in shipping please pay these additional charges when you receive notification.
We try to ship orders promptly. We are a custom shop so most of our bodies, necks, and guitars have options so this will increase turnaround time. We're usually hitting 4-5 weeks on bodies and necks, but we do get busy and this may extend out to 5-7 weeks. Please contact us first if this is a concern for you and we'll get back to you ASAP.
Returns are accepted on a case by case basis. Please contact us with any questions regarding returns.